How to keep your free Netflix account secure

No one will want to disclose his/her Netflix password information for security purposes. It is important because nowadays there are thousands of scams online and below are recommendations that will help keep your Netflix account and personal information safe.

Have a Strong Password

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You password is key to keeping your account safe. To ensure your account is safe;

Use a password that is unique to your Netflix account

Let your password have a minimum of 8 characters

Let it contain upper case and lower case letters, symbols and numbers

Don’t use a word in the dictionary, a name or any personal information like anniversary, birthday or address.

Change your password periodically; whether it’s a free Netflix account or not.

Beware of Phishing

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Phishing is an activity of defrauding an online account holder of financial information pretending to be a legitimate company. Phishers will go a long way to try and hijack your account information. They create fake website which look similar to Netflix or send official looking emails asking for your personal information and yet all are fake.

In essence, Netflix never ask for personal information in an email. This includes:

Your account password

Tax Identification number or social security number

Payment information i.e debit card number, credit card number, PIN, direct debit card e.t.c

If you receive any email message asking you for this information or any other, be very careful. If you aren’t sure about the link in an email, you can hover around and see where it goes. You’ll definitely see the real link at the bottom of your browser.

Keep your Computer Safe

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Keep your computer safe and free of viruses and malware in order to receive the best possible free Netflix experience. If you see the following signs know that your computer in infected.

Crashes, freezing and unexpected reboots

Advertisements or pop-up windows while streaming

Unsual sluggish or slow computer performance

You can use a trusted IT expert, anti-virus software recommended by your computer manufacturer, anti-adware or anti-malware to clean your computer. Netflix engineers have used the following to clean up these infections (although they don’t endorse or advocate specific vendors)

Malware Bytes (windows)

Ad-Aware (Windows)

Sophos (Mac, windows) Trend Micro (Mac, Windows)

Symantec (Windows, Mac)

F-Secure (Mac, Windows)

Report Fraudulent Activity

If you notice something suspicious, seek help immediately (if you’re Netflix subscriber, report immediately so that the issue can be investigated)

Sign out of Unused Devices

If the devices you have been using to login in Netflix or any other account you want to sell it, you should sign out of any account and services. If the device is no longer in your possession and you haven’t done this, you can sign out of devices from My Account Page for you to sign out of all devices, it can take up to 8 hours.