How to Hack Facebook without Changing the Password

Sometimes it cannot be helped. There’s always that one crazy person that is threatening to hack your Facebook account.

Facebook is the undisputed king of all social media. Such a lofty title for an application that started from the basement of one of the country’s ivy league schools. But from its humble beginnings, it has morphed into a behemoth in the social networking landscape. Facebook now boasts over one billion account holders as of the last quarter of 2013. Everyone and your grandmother are all on it. It’s not unheard of to know exactly what’s going on in someone’s life without actually being personally in touch with said person. It all boils down to diligently watching your Facebook news feed for status updates.

Unfortunately, Facebook has also become a haven for stalkers. And no, that doesn’t just refer to the honest-to-God creepy kind. It also covers the people you used to know and now regret having been a part of your life at one point. Yes, we mean the exes – ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, ex-husband, ex-wife, ex-BFF and all others.

Here’s a one situation. This one was asked over Yahoo Answer. To summarize, the girl had a crazy ex-boyfriend that’s threatening to hack her Facebook account for whatever reason. The Facebook account in question is already deactivated but not permanently deleted. The girl, let’s call her Lizzy, forgot her password and it’s required to delete the account. Suffice to say, she couldn’t delete the account and made to with the deactivate option.

Don’t know the Facebook password?

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Ex-bf didn’t know her Facebook account password, either. It’s a long one made up of numbers and letters (which is why she forgot what it was in the first place) and she doesn’t think he can guess what it is. He doesn’t know what email address Lizzy used on the account, too. All he knows was that she had a Facebook account and the name on the profile.

Lizzy is worried. Can her ex hack into the account without any of the pertinent info? Is it that easy to get into someone else’s Facebook account without a password or email address?

Let’s all be honest. Lizzy isn’t the only to have wondered about hacking into an account without the password. It could be that you’re worried about being a victim of hacking that’s why you thought of it. Or maybe you want to do the hacking yourself. Whatever your reason may be, chances are it crossed your mind at one time or another.

So. To discuss.

Scenario #1: Is it possible to hack Facebook accounts without the password?

Most hacking methods would tell you to do it through the “Forgot Password” option.

The thing is, to deactivate accounts, the password is needed. So if you don’t know your password, the simplest way to get it is to have it reset. And to reset it, you simply click on the forgot password link. It will then ask you to type in related information. The password reset instructions will then be sent via registered mail, mobile phone (if it’s associated with the account) or her email address.

What’s the drawback to this method if you’re a hacker? Well, first, you need to know the “related information” needed to proceed with the process. This usually comes in the form of security questions. While that may not be much of a challenge if you know the owner of the account personally, it’s harder when you don’t. Second, the reset link is sent to the account owner’s registered primary email address. Exceeding 1 billion users it is no surprise why everybody is searching for Facebook hacks every single day. You need to have the password to that email too, if you want to reset the password yourself.

Can a hacker use a Facebook password recovery tool?

Scenario #2:

Short answer? Yes.

The Facebook password recovery tool is a program that works by finding out the passwords saved in the browsers used. It doesn’t matter if you’re using internet explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome. It will retrieve the password/s used.

One of the more famous of these password recovery tools is SmartKey Password Recovery Bundle. The package can find out passwords on Windows systems, Office files, RAR or ZIP archive, database, email and any social networking site, yes, including Facebook.

Of course, this is limited to whether the Facebook password was saved at any time on the browser that’s on the computer where the recovery tool is downloaded. If not, then this tool is useless.

Should/Can you hack a Facebook account?

So, long story short. Can anyone hack into another person’s Facebook account? The answer is yes, with the right tools. Can it be done without changing the password? Again, with the right tools and in the right circumstances, it can be done without the need to change passwords.

Can someone reset your Facebook password without you knowing? Possibly. If he knows enough pertinent and related information, a password reset can be done with you none the wiser.

Over-all, Facebook isn’t the safest and most secure of networks. Sure, Facebook goes to great lengths to ensure the privacy of its subscribers aren’t compromised. But at the end of the day, the account owners still have the most control over what is done on the account, and who can do it.